Innovation Exchange challenge: Single, Automated View of Data

The Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) are looking for ways to automatically process and combine different data sets and information stored in a range of places and formats.

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In order to take advantage of a thriving science and technology ecosystem, and the opportunities this presents for national security, the UK Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), also known as MI6, are looking for creative, interesting and novel solutions to some current technology challenges.

This experiment is the first of its kind for SIS, starting with a selection of challenges. It is designed to encourage non-traditional suppliers to work in the national security space – especially start-ups and SMEs.

To develop situational awareness and understanding, analysts in the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), process and combine different data sets and information stored in a range of places and formats (for example corporate records, emails, analytical tools etc.). They receive new data and information continuously, in different formats, and stored across different systems.

SIS are looking for a novel solution that automates this process, updating our understanding as new data arrives and identifying new information or insights of note. The aim is to reduce the manual overhead of sorting, collating and switching between systems, so their analysts are able to spend more time analysing and conducting assessments.

The challenge holder is keen to hear from a range of sole traders, small and medium size businesses (start-ups, SMEs) and academia.


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