Innovation Exchange challenge: Dashcam Interruption

NSTIx seek a non-intrusive way to stop vehicle dashcams recording while on secure government facilities.

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We have an indicative budget of £60K for a single provider increasing up to £120K for consortia.



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Numerous secure government facilities across the UK require a form of approved identification permitting entrance. These security measures effect both foot traffic and vehicle access to secure car parks. Unauthorised cameras or other recording equipment are typically not permitted on-site, and with the proliferation of dashboard cameras (dashcams) in vehicles adds an additional element of security concern, as they may inadvertently record facilities, road layouts and personnel information. After the incident, the vehicle may leave the car park inadvertently carrying uncontrolled classified information.

Policies exist to minimise the use of dashcams within secure government facilities, but it is unlikely that this will prevent all cases from inadvertent recordings by staff or visitors, and even more so would not prevent nefarious clandestine recordings. Further to this, some modern vehicles have integrated cameras built-in which can only be disabled through a software “toggle”, which the vehicle owner may not even be aware of. These are likely to become more prevalent in future, and possibly even “standard fit”. This is coupled with a high throughput of vehicles, potentially hundreds in some facilities, so it is unrealistic to expect security staff to check for the presence of these cameras in all their myriad forms, as this would likely incur a significant delay.

In this challenge, there is the requirement to develop a technical solution to rapidly disrupt or prevent recordings at pinch point entrances and exits of secure facilities. This must be done remotely (i.e., no physical access to the vehicle) while leaving no lasting impact that the dashcam recording has been interrupted, ensuring the owner has no adverse experiences from this effect.


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