Transforming food production by putting science and technology into practice

Posted on: 30/10/2019

Briefing and consortium building events will be held on 14 Nov in Stoneleigh (near Coventry) and 27 Nov in York for a new £15m ISCF competition.


A key component of the ISCF Transforming Food Production (TFP) funding mechanism is the Science and Technology into Practice programme, made up of feasibility and demonstration competitions. The programme aims to increase engagement and collaboration between R&D, end-users and all stakeholders.

Eligible industrial and academic participants can apply for a share of up to £15 million to provide end users with evidence of technical feasibility and economic viability or demonstrate near market solutions. This funding is from the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF).

ISCF Transforming Food Production – The Next Phase

The Industrial Strategy sets out Grand Challenges to put the UK at the forefront of the industries of the future, ensuring that the UK takes advantage of major global changes, improving people’s lives and the country’s productivity.

Transforming Food Production is recognised as a key driver of Clean Growth under the Industrial Strategy.

The £90 million Transforming Food Production programme aims to integrate current world-class UK capabilities (digital technologies, artificial intelligence, engineering, biological, environmental and social sciences) into precision approaches both within new novel production systems and traditional agricultural systems to target net zero emissions.

You can learn more about the Transforming Food Production Challenge by watching videos from a recent event launching the next phase of the programme here.

Science and technology in practice competition

This new £15m competition (to be opened soon) aims to increase engagement and collaboration between R&D, end-users and all stakeholders to:

  • Demonstrate near market solutions at commercial scale and across different production environments.
  • Provide end users with evidence of technical feasibility and economic viability of combinations of precision solutions across one or more demonstration platforms.
  • Embed co-innovation approach to accelerate the development of new solutions

Your solution must have the potential to improve productivity and sustainability. It must lead to a significant reduction of emissions from agriculture, contributing to the target of net zero emissions from agriculture by 2040.

You can find out more about the demonstration projects here.

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Competition briefing and consortium building events

Competition briefing and consortium building events are being held on 14 November in Stoneleigh Park and 27 November in York.

These events aim to help attendees apply for this new £15m competition and will allow attendees to;

  • Be informed about the competition scope and consortia eligibility
  • Focus on end user participation
  • Be informed about and encouraged to collaborate with different sectors
  • Gain hints and tips on submitting a successful proposal
  • Have the opportunity for businesses, academia, RTO to pitch their ideas, skills and partner needs to bid into TFP
  • Make valuable connections

Please click on the links below to register for these events:

Stoneleigh Park – 14 November 2019

York – 27 November 2019 (Expression of Interest)

Transforming Food Production Briefing Event – Northern Ireland on 28th Nov

A Transforming Food Production Briefing Event is taking place on 28th November 2019 at the CAFRE Loughry Campus in Cookstown, Northern Ireland.

This event will allow attendees to;

  • Hear the ambition of the¬†Transforming Food Production programme from the challenge Director Katrina Hayter
  • Find more detailed information about all elements of the Transforming Food Production programme (Future Food Production Systems, China:UK precision for enhancing¬†agricultural¬†productivity and Science and Technology in Practice
  • An opportunity for one to one meetings with Innovate UK and KTN staff to discuss specific project details.


KTN has set up a LinkedIn group to facilitate consortia building for this competition, where you can post your capability and partnering needs, and respond to other members’ requests for partners. You can apply to join this group here.

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