Funding granted to innovative electric vehicle tech projects

Four innovative projects, with potential to transform our energy system, have been announced by the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero.

Posted on: 20/12/2023

Using novel Vehicle to Everything (V2X) technology, the ground breaking projects will show how electric vehicles (EVs) can be used as distributed energy storage devices, enabling users to save money by participating in energy flexibility services.

These competition winners represent the latest phase of the V2X Innovation Programme which is being delivered by Innovate UK. This programme aims to unlock the energy flexibility potential of EVs and to accelerate its commercialisation. The V2X Innovation Programme is part of the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero’s up to £65 million Flexibility Innovation Programme, funded from the £1 billion Net Zero Innovation Portfolio.

Using bi-directional chargers, EVs can store energy in times of plentiful renewable generation and then be used as a power source at peak times of day when grid energy costs are high, or highly carbon intensive.

The four projects announced today will demonstrate some of the most innovative solutions with real-world drivers in real-world settings, to increase consumer awareness and provide insight for V2X market development. New energy flexibility customer propositions will be trialled for a range of use-cases including fleet operators and domestic EV drivers.

Mike Biddle, Executive Director for Net Zero at Innovate UK, said:

At Innovate UK our vision is for the UK to prosper from being the fastest transitioning economy to net zero. The V2X Innovation Programme is bringing together energy and mobility stakeholders to unlock a solution that will help to achieve net zero by 2050, and keeps the UK at the forefront of V2X development.  Real-world demonstration projects like these raise consumer awareness of the benefits of new technologies, which stimulate demand and accelerate deployment.

About the V2X Innovation Programme

The V2X Innovation Programme extends the findings from the Government’s Vehicle to Grid (V2G) programme. The V2G programme proved that EVs could discharge energy back to the grid, and now the V2X Innovation Programme will enable a wider selection of EV users to supply energy to their home, workplace, other buildings and other vehicles. The V2X Innovation Programme will explore the integration of EVs with renewable energy generation sources, building energy management systems, microgrids, and other flexibility sources as part of a holistic energy system.

Read the full announcement.

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