Innovate UK Business Growth Annual Conference 2023

This year’s event will explore the impactful ways we can ensure more UK innovators grow and scale on the global stage, including through our portfolio of Innovate UK products and services. It will also provide a forum to forge and deepen valuable connections with colleagues and our partners.

Event Details

28/11/2023 - 29/11/2023

11.30 - 14.00



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Main stage



  • 11:30 Registration
    11:30-12:30 Networking Lunch – stand up / bowl food
    12:35-12:45 MC welcome
    12:45 – 13:25 Innovate UK CEO Indro Mukerjee – Welcome & keynote
    13:25-13:30 MC
    13:30–13:50 Max Adam, Innovate UK Deputy Director Business Growth – Propelling Business Growth – The Next Chapter
    13:50–14:05 Guy Woolley, Innovate UK COO – The Evolution of Operations: A Customer-Centric Lens
    14:05-14:10 MC
    14:10–14:20 Umerah Akram, LSE Head of Private Markets – Investment in Innovation: The View from the Capital Markets
    14:20–15:00 Panel: Investment Client Journey

    Chaired by Umerah Akram – LSEG

    Simon Finch – Floww

    Mike Denis – Akrivia

    Neil Dickinson – Holdson

    Joanne Phoenix – IUK Scaleup Director

    15:00-15:05 MC
    15:05– 15:20 Break
    15:25– 16:15 Domain Breakout – Digital and Technologies & Net Zero

    Net Zero

    Intro – Mike Pitts

    Venn Chesterton – Make and Use
    William Joyce – Industrial Decarbonisation 

    Mike Pitts – Heat
    Josey Wardle – Mobility 
    Sarah Tennison – Net Zero Systems


    Intro – Iain Mauchline  
    Ian Mauchline – Semiconductors 

    Jacob Wood – Bridge AI

    Ellie Wicks-Jones – Creative Industries

    Najwa Sidqi – Emerging and Enabling Technologies 

    Tom Kirkham – Future Telecoms

    16:20 – 16:25 MC
    16:25-17:00 Panel:

    Place pathways to growth: from local to national to international

    Chaired by Martin McGurk – Innovate UK Business Growth 

    Oliver St John – DSIT 

    Rick Holland – Innovate UK

    Keirra Smith – DBT

    Alicia Law – DBT

    David Moule – Exemplas

    17:00– 17:05 MC
    17:05– 17:25 Client Fireside Chat – Under the Doormat, Merilee Kerr
    17:25 – 17:30 MC
    17:30– 17:55 Panel:

    Products & Services Panel

    Chaired by Scott O’Brien, CIO

    Lisa Hazelden, CPO

    Jon Kingsbury, CEO Innovate UK KTN

    Max Adam, DD Business Growth

    Nigel Walker, Deputy Director Lending and Investment

    Heidi Bridger, Deputy Director, Innovation Infrastructure

    17:55 MC closes
    19:15 Casual street food dinner at the Glasshouse International Centre for Music
  • 8:00 – 8:45 Arrival
    8:45 – 8:55 MC welcome
    9:00 – 9:40 Panel:

    Growing and scaling on a global stage

    Chaired by David Golding, Head of Global Innovation Partnerships



    9:45-10:05 Guest speaker: Irene Graham The Scaleup Landscape 
    10:05-10:10 MC
    10:10– 10:25 Keynote: Innovating towards our Future Economy, Colin Tattam, Innovate UK KTN 
    10:25–10:30 MC
    10:30 – 11:00 Break
    11:05–12:05 Domain/P&S Breakouts (Healthy Living & Agriculture and Products & Services)


    Intro = Colin Tattam

    Heidi Bridger, Catapults

    Bimba James, Smart

    Ian Brotherston, SBRI 

    Nigel Walker, Innovation Loans

    Jemima Jones, Investor Partnerships

    Colin Tattam, Innovate UK KTN


    Intro = Stella Peace 

    Chris Danks – Agrifood
    Richard Hebdon  
    Joanna da Silva – Medicines Manufacturing
    Tim Padgett – Engineering biology

    12:05-12:15 Movement time, MC
    12:15-12:20 MC
    12:20–12:50 Guest speaker, Margaret Heffernan
    12:50-13:05 Awards
    13:05– 13:20 Event roundup, Lisa Hazelden CPO
    13:20 – 13:25 Business Growth Team – thanks and sign off
    13:25 Buffet lunch and networking

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