Farming Innovation Programme: Farming Futures R&D Fund Nutrient Management Q&A and Consortium Building event

Watch our recording to hear questions and answers about the competition, and find out more about collaborative opportunities with other individuals and organisations.

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Recording and slides now available

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Who is this event for?

This event is for businesses, research organisations, farmers and growers who are looking for partners to apply to the Farming Futures R&D Fund Nutrient Management competition.

This competition will be divided into two strands covering feasibility and industrial research trials. You will need to apply as a team of at least one UK organisation and one research organisation. We’re here to help you make connections with the right people and increase your chances of success.

You need to be a business registered in the UK or a Research Organisation to lead a project. Other research organisations and other businesses, including farmers and growers, can collaborate as part of the project team. Your proposal must be able to demonstrate how the project will benefit farmers and growers in England.

What is the funding for?

Click here to find out more about the available funding (closing date 24 July 2024).

Nutrient management involves using nutrients, both organic and manufactured, as efficiently as possible to maximise plant uptake, crop growth and yield. It also includes applying nutrients where and when they can be best utilised by plants, thereby combating run-off and soil erosion. Good nutrient management should increase productivity whilst protecting the environment by minimising nutrient loss.

This competition is to fund collaborative research and development projects with ambitious solutions to address the challenges related to nutrient management in soils and water associated with agricultural livestock and crop production. The solutions provided will enable sustainable and resilient farming.

Projects must develop ambitious new solutions that could:

  • Improve soil and water-based nitrogen and phosphate nutrient management.
  • Provide a positive impact on air quality and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Are applicable to manage nutrients from farm crop waste, from farm animal waste, or from commercial chemical and artificial fertilisers.
  • Consider industrial and domestic wastes that are already used in agriculture, but the focus is on farm wastes (new waste streams are not included).
  • Lead to improvement of ground and river water quality.
  • Reduce nitrogen, phosphate and sediment run-off and pollution.

Why watch the Finding Partners Webinar recording?

  • Hear more about the competition.
  • Hear answers to questions about the competition.
  • Meet people who are interested in the competition.
  • Find collaborators to apply for the funding with.

Another way to make connections with others interested in the funding is to join the ‘Farming Innovation Programme: Finding Information and Partners’ LinkedIn group.

Applicant Briefing Event

Prior to the consortium building event, there was an Innovate UK Briefing Event which provided an overview of all the competition brief and funding details held on Thursday 30th May 2024.

Click here to watch the recording of the briefing event.

We recommend that you watch the recording of the Applicant Briefing Event before watching the Q&A and Consortia Building event.

The funding comes from the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) as part of the Farming Innovation Programme, delivered by Innovate UK.

Read more about the competition

To find out more about applying for this funding opportunity, visit the Farming Futures: Nutrient Management Phase 1 competition page.

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