Digital patient care pioneer accelerates growth journey

A Bath-based software company is enabling healthcare services to streamline their patient care journeys, helping them to spot key trends and spend more time focusing on patients.


Posted on: 15/06/2022

Mayden’s Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system, iaptus, is the leading clinical software for psychological therapies in the UK and is used by over 180 mental health services across public, private and voluntary sectors. It holds the records of over 6.5 million patients in the UK and overseas – all protected by the highest data security standards.

The company’s highly customisable technology allows therapists to guide patients smoothly through the patient care pathway whilst removing many administrative burdens.

Healthcare teams can also use Mayden’s analytical services to unlock information buried within their data, revealing valuable insights, patterns and anomalies that can help clinicians provide more effective care.

“Many of our clients face significant challenges, with rising demand for their services leading to long waiting times, low patient engagement that means missed appointments and variable outcomes,” says Philippa Kindon, Programme Manager, Mayden. “But it’s not always clear what services can do to address these.”

“We believe that digital technology has a crucial role to play in improving quality of care and outcomes for services and patients. Our clinical software and analytics services shine a light on the challenges that services can address, improving quality of care and bringing benefits in time efficiency and financial savings.”

In 2020, the traditional models of care and therapy were significantly challenged by the pandemic. Mayden responded by helping therapists adjust to the requirements of remote patient care, launching a specialist secure video feature within iaptus together with a range of new patient support processes. The company also chose to focus on future growth and began work with Innovate UK EDGE to identify and exploit opportunities.

Innovate UK EDGE Innovation and Growth Specialist, Giulia Pratico, worked with Mayden to set out a detailed growth plan, helping the business to develop a new growth strategy, improve its internal processes and maximise the value of its IP.

Business development support from Innovate UK EDGE

Innovate UK EDGE Marketing Specialist, Phil Johnston, was introduced to provide detailed feedback on their market assessment and product development processes.

“Phil helped the leadership and market discovery teams to really think critically about how to grow the business along these lines and introduce operational change,” says Philippa. “He also focused our attention on coordinating our market intelligence and network building strategies, helping us to form quality relationships with the right businesses.”

Business strategy support

Innovate UK EDGE Business Planning Specialist, Linda Middleton-Jones, next stepped in to help revamp Mayden’s growth strategy.

“Working with Linda, we plotted out every element of our business to find potential holes in our product, market or operational strategies,” says Jamie Shaw, Sales Manager, Mayden.

“It’s forced us to quantify what success looks like in these different areas and to think more analytically about responsibilities and how much time we should be dedicating to particular tasks. We’ve found a lot of value in that. ”

Having worked with Linda, Jamie and Philippa now feel better able to communicate clearly with internal stakeholders and apply deeper analysis to new opportunities.

“Overall, Linda brought decades of knowledge to the table and a refreshingly direct approach which has created a new perspective and real clarity,” says Jamie.

IP support

Mayden next began work with Innovate UK EDGE IP Specialist, Kate Butler, who helped to protect the company’s intellectual assets and maximise their commercial value.

“We had a good basis of understanding about our IP position, but were equally aware that as we internationalise and diversify our product range, things are going to get more complex,” says Philippa.

“Kate was absolutely brilliant at guiding us, giving us the knowledge and understanding that allowed us to apply for an IP Audit.”

The IP Audit scheme, delivered in partnership with the UK Intellectual Property Office, provides grant funding assistance to help innovators better understand the value of their IP assets, protect them from competitors, and use them as vehicles for growth.

“We were able to carry out the IP Audit with a provider that we’ve previously worked with, which made the process a lot smoother,” says Philippa.

“It uncovered areas that require improvements and helped us to think critically about the value the company is generating and how best to leverage it.”

Responsive support

Mayden’s support journey has been orchestrated by Innovate UK EDGE Innovation and Growth Specialist, Giulia Pratico.

“Giulia’s been absolutely brilliant. She’s incredibly responsive and is always on hand to help guide us through this process or answer any questions,” says Philippa.

“The support journey has given us a new level of knowledge and insight, and also challenged our ways of thinking, which again, has proved very valuable.”

Innovate UK EDGE will continue to support as this Bath-based business helps healthcare teams to deliver critical mental health services more efficiently and effectively.

The support journey has given us a new level of knowledge and insight, and also challenged our ways of thinking, which again, has proved very valuable.

– Philippa Kindon, Programme Manager, Mayden

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