Cyber threats innovator unveils secret weapon: Innovate UK EDGE

The digital infrastructure innovator Ecliptic Dynamics has grown its team, revamped its marketing strategy and achieved scale with Innovate UK EDGE support, to help clients combat cyber threats.

Posted on: 28/04/2023

For journalists, investigators and others conducting sensitive online research, day-to-day operations present a broad range of cyber threats.

“The internet is full of gotchas,” says Tom Kidwell, Director, Ecliptic Dynamics, “and for those delving into the darker parts of the web – tracking criminals, terrorists and other organisations – there’s a significant risk of data breaches.

“A lot of professionals in this space will protect themselves by having two laptops – one for research and one for reporting – but we think there’s a safer, less clunky approach.”

Through its OIS suite of products, Ecliptic Dynamics absorbs risks into its own infrastructure, protecting clients’ equipment, data, staff and reputations.

Each user is given their own virtual computer that can be accessed securely via a web browser from anywhere in the world. The virtual computer is ‘re-built’ each day, meaning any viruses, malware and trackers will be destroyed.

“By protecting clients’ infrastructure and their staff, we build a safe online environment and establish data privacy for people who just want to focus on their job,” says Tom.

In 2021, Ecliptic Dynamics decided to focus on scaling the company and turned to Innovate UK EDGE for support.

“We’d traditionally been a two-man consultancy, and we didn’t know how to make the transition into a scaling business with a growing team. Without the support from Innovate UK EDGE, we simply wouldn’t have been able to make that step in a coherent way.”

Innovation and Growth Specialist Marc Rambaud first developed a detailed growth plan with Ecliptic Dynamics, focusing on business strategy and marketing.

Business strategy support to scale cyber threats protection service

Subsequently Innovate UK EDGE Innovation and Growth Specialist Paul Albone was introduced to help Ecliptic Dynamics grow its team and scale its operations.

“Paul pointed out that my co-founder and I were thinking of our work like it’s a secret sauce, when in fact most of it could be processed mapped and delegated,” says Tom.

With Paul’s guidance, Ecliptic Dynamics was able to establish new processes and start hiring staff, allowing the two founders to delegate tasks and focus instead on growth.

“We now manage a team of six and feel we have the processes in place to help them reach their potential and translate their work into growth for the company.”

“Through these new processes and team structures, Phil has helped us to not only grow in the short term, but also lay the foundations for future growth.”

Marketing support

Innovate UK EDGE Innovation and Growth Specialist Jane Warren next helped Ecliptic Dynamics to refine its marketing strategy and build a stronger brand.

“Jane helped us to identify that we first needed to take a few steps back and work on our core messaging,” says Tom.

“With her support, we went back to the drawing board and re-established how we present our products to the market. We now have a much clearer sense of direction for how we position ourselves and what sets us apart.”

Ecliptic Dynamics has since engaged a PR company – something Tom would have previously been uncomfortable with, as he didn’t feel the company had a truly coherent message to share.

“Jane has given us the ability to write a much more complete brief, and say; this is who we are, this is where we’re going, and this is what I want you to do on our behalf.”

A critical friend

Reflecting on his support journey with his Innovation and Growth Specialist, Marc Rambaud, Tom says; “Marc’s been a great support. He would point out things that we hadn’t thought of and say, ‘this may not be on your radar today, but if you’re going to scale, you will need to plan for these contingencies.

“That outside insight and mindset has proved really valuable to us.

“Overall, the team has been brilliant – we came to them with a slightly disjointed road map, and they’ve helped us establish a much more structured path to growth.”

Innovate UK EDGE will continue to support as this Cheltenham-based innovator helps organisations and individuals stay safe while managing sensitive digital projects.

Overall, the team has been brilliant – we came to them with a slightly disjointed road map, and they’ve helped us establish a much more structured path to growth.

– Tom Kidwell, Director, Ecliptic Dynamics

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